Guest sailors

Dear guest sailors

Note: In the Harba payment system, it appears that you can reserve a spot in “Krogen”. However, it is only possible to moor in Krogen on a spot that is marked as available with a green sign. If an expected time of return is specified, it must be respected.

Welcome to Bådelauget Krogen on the west side of Aarhus Lystbådehavn close to Aarhus city centre, and all the opportunities found here in the form of shops, restaurants, cultural offerings etc.

You can stay in our berths as long as they are available. Vacant berths are marked with a green sign and a date for when the owner of the berth will be home again. You can also be assigned a berth by one of our members. In addition, our vessel assistants are around and checking in the late afternoon, and they can also be helpful with information about available berths.

Price and payment

Guest sailors pay port tax of:

DKK 180/day for boats < 9 metres

DKK 200/day for boats > 9 metres

We use the online payment system HARBA to pay the port tax. Either via HARBA’s website or if you register in the Harba App. The app is used by a number of other ports in Denmark and you only have to create your boat once. Included in the harbor fee is electricity/water and use of our clubhouse facilities. You will find our clubhouse at Fiskerivej 13. See the Google map below.

It is very important that you install the latest version of Harba app. In some cases you will have to delete the old version and then install the new version.

It is also possible to pay via Mobilepay on # 261569.

Note: It is not possible to reserve a spot in Krogen. Berths are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


For any inquiry regarding staying at Krogens please contact Steffen Kramp,

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